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Harrisburg halts State Street project over parking concerns

Harrisburg, PA – The City of Harrisburg has paused its planned reconfiguration of a busy stretch of State Street amid parking issues.

City spokesman Matt Maisel stresses that the city wanted a design that improved safety but addresses resident’s parking concerns.

Changes from the project would include a different landscape of State Street from approximately the 13th Street intersection to the Parkway Drive. There are currently two travel lanes on State Street from each direction with parking on both sides.

The city’s plan was the limit the number of travel lanes in order to slow traffic and decreasing pedestrians’ crossing distance while installing additional crosswalks with protected median areas.

The most recent plan, which was finalized in September of 2020, would include a third traffic lane on alternating sides during rush hours, and used for parking during off-peak hours.

Parking would be prohibited on the westbound side of the street from 7 AM to 9 AM, with the second westbound lane open to commuters driving toward downtown Harrisburg. Also, from 4 PM to 6 PM parking is prohibited on the eastbound side of the street, as driving commuters leave the city.