Monthly Parking Terms and Conditions

Monthly Parking Terms and Conditions

Upon acceptance of this application, you may be issued a hangtag for display and/or an access card for the parking facility. When you change your permanent vehicle, please provide updated information to the garage manager. The current month’s hangtag must be displayed by the 1st day of each month in order to maintain monthly parking privileges.  Customers not displaying the current hangtag will be charged the maximum daily cash rate before their vehicle is released.

Each month you will receive your statement in the mail.  Payment is due no later than the 1st of each month. The Facility Manager will distribute permits no later than five business days before the end of the month for the upcoming month.  Parking fees are subject to change.  No credit can be given for vacations or other periods when your car is not in the garage.  If your account is delinquent, your car may be locked up or removed by towing (at your expense) until payment in full is received.  Interest at the maximum legal rate, along with costs and attorneys’ fees, may be applied to overdue accounts.  Your submission of this Application constitutes your agreement to indemnify the garage owner and operator with respect to any and all damage to property or injury to persons that you cause by violating applicable garage rules and regulations.

If an account  is opened with in the first 15 days of the month, the full monthly rate applies.  However, if an account is opened after the 15th of the month, the monthly parking will be prorated for half the month.  You may cancel your monthly parking privileges as of the end of any given month upon at least 30 days’ prior written notice.  We reserve the right to cancel at any time, though we will endeavor to give you at least 30 days’ prior written notice except in the case of :

(i) circumstances beyond our control;

or (ii) your violation of applicable garage rules and regulations (if we terminate prior to the end of the month, the prepaid monthly fee will be prorated and the unused portion will be refunded).

When you self-park, understand that payment of the applicable parking fee grants a license to park only, and that no bailment of any kind is intended or created.  We take reasonable precautions to protect your car while it is in the garage.  If you believe damage occurred to your car while in the garage, you must show the damage to an attendant and fill out a “Damage Report” before leaving the garage.  Should we approve repairs to your car, we reserve the right to require that estimates be obtained before repair work is begun, and we will pay the amount of the lowest estimate.

We cannot be responsible for:

(i) loss of items or valuables left in your car (please do not leave the trunk key in your car; please also understand that our employees are not authorized to accept responsibility for, or to store, any items for you);

(ii) non-standard equipment (e.g., special wheels, wire wheel covers, cellular car (or other portable) phones, CB radios, antennas and/or stereos);

(iii) mechanical damage or failure resulting from garage services provided at no cost to you (e.g. battery charging, tire inflation);

or (iv) any liability for damage to vehicles parked or retrieved by anyone other than one of our employees.  Also, because nicks and dings can happen anywhere and remain unnoticed for lengthy periods; we cannot be responsible for such.

This is the entire contract and may not be modified by an employee of Standard Parking either verbally or in writing.