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Park Harrisburg Smart Card

The Park Harrisburg Smart Card is the most convenient way to pay for parking in Harrisburg. Load a Smart Card with your chosen dollar amount, and then use the Smart Card to pay for parking anywhere in Harrisburg. Don’t worry about exact change – the Smart Card has you covered!


You can add funds or check the balance of your Smart Card at any Park Harrisburg parking meter​ or in the Park Harrisburg office​. Reloading Smart Card funds can only be purchased by credit card up to a $300 maximum.

To receive a Smart Card, please fill out an application at the Park Harrisburg office. There is a $5 activation fee when you first receive a Smart Card – but if you load $20 or more, the $5 activation fee is waived.

To Use:

  1. Enter license plate number into the parking meter.
  2. Select desired duration of stay.
  3. When prompted, insert the Smart Card with the gold chip facing up.
  4. Take receipt.

Please treat your Smart Card as cash! If lost or stolen, Park Harrisburg is not responsible for replacing your Smart Card funds. In this case, you must purchase and load a new Smart Card.

Have a question or need assistance? Contact the Park Harrisburg office at (717) 234-2274 or visit 223 Walnut, Suite 1, Harrisburg, PA 17101.