On Monday, March 17, Park Harrisburg, managed by SP+ Municipal Services, an operating division of SP Plus Corporation, will commence operations of its industry-leading multi-space pay station, the Luke II in Harrisburg, Pa. The new pay stations offer parkers diverse payment options, eliminating the need to use coins.

As announced in December, the pay station upgrades are part of the planned technological upgrades the City of Harrisburg will see. Forty multi-space, on-street pay stations have been installed in Harrisburg’s central business district along Forster Street to Market Street (north to south), and Front Street to 3rd Street (west to east). Park Harrisburg will continue installing the upgraded pay stations over the next month. A list of new locations will be posted on the ParkHarrisburg.com website once upgrades have been completed.

The new on-street meter will be enforced Monday through Saturday, from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. with a standard rate of $3.00 per hour, payable in 15 minute increments. Streets with original meters will remain at current rates and be enforced according to the current schedule until the new multi-space meters are installed. Cash keys will no longer be accepted at the new pay stations. Customers should visit the Park Harrisburg office at 223 Walnut Street in Harrisburg to obtain a new Smart Card.

“Installation of the new pay stations will help to improve customer service to those parking in Harrisburg by providing credit card acceptance and the ability to extend parking sessions via text,” said Chris Sherman, Senior Vice President, SP+. “We are working diligently to expand services in the coming months to include additional meters, expanded pay-by-phone service and the expansion of garage parking programs – all with the aim of providing expanded parking options to Park Harrisburg customers.”

Live pay station demonstrations will be available to both community and media members between 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Monday, March 17, at Strawberry Square (11 N. 3rd Street). Visit ParkHarrisburg.com for more information on rates, hours, pay station locations, and a video demo of how the meters work.