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Tree removal complete in Midtown; parking and traffic reopens

Harrisburg, PA – August 5, 2022 – As of 3 p.m. Friday afternoon, parking and traffic are allowed on the square block of Green, Penn, Harris, and Clinton Streets in Middletown. After a week of work, the removal of an 80-year-old Elm tree has been completed in Harrisburg.

There was no property damaged in the removal. A special thank you has been issued to HACC Midtown and the Central Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Red Cross.

A PPL bucket truck will remain on the scene to help temporarily fix hanging power lines that were held up by the limbs of the tree. The company is working with Verizon and Comcast to install new poles where necessary.

Affected residents may need to call electrical companies to handle hanging wires, according to PPL. The company will return the week of Aug. 15 to reinstall fences that had been removed to make room for crane trucks.