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Regulations & Enforcement

SP+ Municipal Services handles the normal adjudication process of outstanding parking violations. This action is in accordance with Harrisburg City Council’s passage of pertinent ordinances on November 12, 2014.


As of Nov. 1, 2014, Park Harrisburg distributes notices for unpaid parking violations and delinquent violations. If the violation remains unpaid, it is forwarded to the District Justice for adjudication. Violations processed through the Court may incur additional Court Costs.

In accordance with the amended ordinances, Park Harrisburg tickets are processed as shown below:

  1. Violation is issued and placed under windshield blade or other visible location on the vehicle.
  2. If the ticket is unpaid after four calendar days, a penalty of $20.00 is added to the amount due.
  3. After 10 days from the ticket being issued, a delinquent notice is sent to the name and address to which the vehicle is registered.
  4. If the ticket remains unpaid after the delinquent notice being sent, the violation is forwarded to the District Justice for adjudication.
  5. District Justice starts a file and schedules a hearing.
  6. District Justice hears case and decides to either a) uphold citation or b) dismiss.
  7. If the violation holder desires to appeal the District Justice decision, the case would be forwarded to the Dauphin County Court of Common Pleas.